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l2lancerDate: Wednesday, 2009-02-11, 1:23 PM | Message # 1
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Lineage2 Server Rulles- L][Lancer

General Rulles

-->1. Respect all L][Lancer Staff

-->2. Do not ask to become a GM.

-->3. The use of any cheats and bugs of the server for your own advantage is absolutely forbidden.

-->4. Offence(cursing, swearing) of other players, showing disrespect to GMs and all other ways of humiliation is unacceptable.

-->5. Flood writing or repeating of absolute phrases in the common chat and the private ones as well is forbidden. Absolute requests for raising a level, giving items etc. will be disregarded.

-->6. The use of nicknames, containing offensive words and/or phrases, as well as presenting as GM is restricted. Users will be deleveled or banned. You can trust only the official GMs, presented on the web-site.

-->7. The use of any malicious code is forbidden.

-->8. You cannot advertise or sell any items to gain money or conduct any other commercial deals.

Bots and Dual Boxing

Dual-boxing is permitted, but the use of L2 Walker or any other bot program is prohibited and if caught using it you will be banned immediately. If you want to play the game then play it. If your to lazy to grind, i suggest you go play another game.

Account Rules

Every user at L][Lancer is responsible for the security of their own account information. L][Lancer STAFF WILL NEVER ASK YOU FOR YOUR ACCOUNT PASSWORD!!! IF somone that claims to be a GM asks you for your password, report them on the forums so we can bann them!L][Lancer will not return items or adena that are stolen from your account! It is extremely important that every player take the nessecary precautions to safe guard their account information.

Lost or Stolen Items

GMs do not restore lost or dropped items. The only items that will be restored will be donator items in the event of a rollback or wipe. If you plan to let someone borrow your items i would highly suggest you trust them.

Selling ingame items for real money.

We do not allow the sale of items in game for real money. Any person caught doing this will be immediately account banned and IP banned off our network. It has come to our attention that players have been scammed, and some of the items being sold are not legitimate items. Buying these items will get you banned as well. There will be no exceptions no matter who you are, or whether you can prove they are donated items or not!

Donator Bashing

Donator Bashing will not be accepted here at L][Lancer in any form what so EVER! Do not bring up the word Donations, donators, or anything relevant to this what so EVER towards other players in a derogitory manner. These people help L][Lancer stay alive by helping us pay our bills so everyone else can play here free of charge. Harrassment of these people is the quickest way to get banned on this network. Without them this network wouldn't exist Using any Names/Clan Names/Titles/Alliance names that break this rule will be dealt with swiftly and permanently.

Bug Exploiting Rules

-->1. Shooting through walls, Floors will get you a quick Bann, so do not do it!

-->2. Any exploiting of any kind will get you banned without warning.

One last sugestion ....RESPECT THEM !

Forum » L][Lancer Forum » Rullez » Rullez (Respect or be punished)
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